New Year Resolution

Celebration of Freedom

The publisher, associates, and friends present

Freedom Glow


Freedom is a state of mind;

Freedom’s tools are knowledge translated into action so others might know and act;


Each time such an action occurs a packet of light* complete with the unique frequency of an individual is emitted;

And each time an individual picks up a freedom tool and works it in their own life a unique packet of light with a unique wavelength is emitted; and


We see twinkling of Freedom Glow in New Delhi and New York, in Amsterdam and Tajikistan, in Tehran and Jerusalem, in Accra and Mogadishu, in Denver and Austin around the globe and into space;

Freedom Glow can be seen in art, and music, and economics, and politics, and philosopher’s musings, and medicine, and science—anywhere we care to look;


1.  To Present stories, one person at a time, to light a darkened world for all to see.

2.  To Unveil the creative nature of freedom wherever it is found.

3.  To Unearth a node in a grid for communication.

4. To Interview amazing people performing astounding feats.

*Light is energy and light is, by nature, a duality. We can think of light as a particle called a photon that emits or absorbs energy as moves between the veils of energy in an atom. Light also behaves like a wave with frequencies similar to notes played on a piano or violin. For example, red and blue are both light but different wavelengths.

Fun on the horizon:

The Big Roundtable founded in 2013 to promote the telling of true stories with anchoring values of journalism, voice, inclusion, and surprise.

Khabele+Strong Incubator, a learning community taking a pragmatic approach to prepare students for a rapidly-changing future.

Elena Achú and Elvira Urrelo, who belong to the Quechua indigenous community, and Nicolasa Yufla, an Aymara Indian who brought solar power to their village in the Atacama Desert after training at the Barefoot College in India.

Dream Interviews:

Michael Strong, Magatte Wade, Michael Lotus, James C. Bennett, Zudhi Jasser, Khurram Dara, Steven Hildreth, Fernando Prol, Leif Smith, Pat Wagner

Most Desired:

Your ideas, your posts, your contributions.

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