Open Network—Weavers of freeorder

Winds - PatResBannerRev_09Jan06The Age of the Internet blasted open the world’s minds for all to see and share, for better or worse. The Internet spurred a creative explosion never before seen in history and placed science and industry in the hands of unique human beings. The Internet can, by its very nature, only encompass the present and the past, while speculating on a variety of futures. The future we are destined to live lies in the hands, souls, and hearts of individuals who share the weave and warp of the human tapestry-the network that spontaneously lights up the world as connections for the future are sealed. This is not your grandfather’s network peddling products.

Leif Smith and his partner, Pat Wagner, founded a small business to serve the ancient and always emerging open network; the result of the best that humanity has to offer. Leif uses “Open Network” to name an emergent pattern of voluntary collaboration, a freeorder, comprised of and arising from all aspects of the world in which an explorer of sovereign spirit may rejoice. This network is very old. No one invented it.

Leif Smith explains, “Even in the age of the Internet, there is a need for curators, people with a point of view, as is found in great museums and libraries.” Only, open network curators do more than use the glories of the past to pollinate better futures. The curators, or weavers, notice arrows pointing forward to a future potential. The Office for Open Network opened in 1975 in Denver, Colorado. The idea of a business to serve open network was new, and it worked. The enterprise thrived and received national recognition in magazines and books. The concept was inclusive and nimble. Continue reading Open Network—Weavers of freeorder

Freedom Fighter— Portraits in Prudence and Courage

The world is a kaleidoscope of newly crystallized conditions clicking into place

Left: Dr. Tom Palmer, Right: Jaycee Johnson
Left: Dr. Tom Palmer, Right: Jaycee Johnson

and, before the eye resolves the design, snaps a new, equally ephemeral design into view. Pattern seekers haunt world news and editorial sites hoping for clarity while others pack their lives with activity hoping the world will right itself. Most humans ignore the dangerous world around them, some feel impotent frustration, others feed fear, hatred, and anger, and a few pick up sticks and set out on voyages of personal understanding. Rarely appearing is a freedom fighter armed with liberal ideas such as freedoms of speech, the press, religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, and international cooperation riding out to offer feasible alternatives to brutality, oppression, and evil. Dr. Tom Palmer[1] provided an Atlas Network Update From the Field on Defending Liberty in Sarasota, Florida on January 7, 2016.

Dr. Palmer addressed the ISIS cult, Putin’s ambitions, and our own stupidity. Opening with the ISIS cult, he pointed out the large ISIS cult footprint of evil and horrific brutality, which he labeled terror porn, and identified the steps being taken to contain their recruitment. The Atlas Network seeks out courageous leaders, helps them start local organizations and trains them on how to be effective advocates of liberty. In the Middle East, Atlas Network supports several such groups of young people engaging in countering ISIS recruiting. Dr. Palmer pointed out that the ISIS cult appeals to the base fantasies of boys unmoderated by stable value systems; sex, violence, and glory. Countering such appeal requires two fronts. First it’s vital they understand that if they join ISIS, their new ISIS friends will eventually turn on them and kill them; the ISIS cult provides ample video footage to prove the point. Second is devaluation through laughter; making fun of the ISIS cult. Anyone who has ever laughed at a teenager in the throes of a fit of passionate anger knows this is an effective ‘turn-off.’  Continue reading Freedom Fighter— Portraits in Prudence and Courage

Josef Malcherczyk—America’s Secret Super Power

Josef Malcherczyk was born March 16, 1887, in the village of Raszowa in the

Josef Malcherczyk 1907-Conscript in Prussian Army
Josef Malcherczyk 1907-Conscript in Prussian Army

County of Silesia, Prussia. His education was equal to K-12 followed by vocational training as a blacksmith. Josef was conscripted into the Prussian Army between 1905 and 1907. He developed an unexplained obsession with America, and when he was almost ready to go there, he presented his father with fait accompli. Thus, forfeiting his inheritance of a sizable freehold ancestral farm that had been in the Malcherczyk family since 1706.

Josef arrived in America on March 10, 1910, on the NECKAR, his ship of travel. An Aunt who was a Dominican nun sponsored him with his first job at St. Johns Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. ln 1911, he pursued his blacksmithing trade at mining camps in

SS Neckar
SS Neckar

Colorado and New Mexico. ln Tyrone, New Mexico he met and married his first wife, Ethel Braser in 1914. On July 4, 1914, he became a naturalized U.S. citizen at El Paso, Texas.

Josef and Ethel had three sons, Robert, Joseph, and James, between 1916 and 1920. Together they moved to Los Angeles, California. In 1920, he built a blacksmith shop in Glendale and operated a prosperous business until 1943 when he retired. On May 3, 1928, Josef changed his name to Joseph A. Malch. Their fourth son, Bud, was born on April 22, 1930. Unfortunately, after a sudden illness from pneumonia, Ethel died in December 1930. Three years after Ethel’s death, Joseph married Appolonia Didion on July 4, 1933, and his fifth son, John, was born on July 13, 1935. Continue reading Josef Malcherczyk—America’s Secret Super Power